Enjoy Massage Services from Our Students and Graduates

At our college, we take a hands-on approach in teaching our students the skills they need. We provide massage services to those who want to enjoy a relaxing massage while providing our students with real-life experience in the industry.

Our Prices and Rates

When you come to us for a massage, you can expect excellent service in a calm, meditative atmosphere that will met away your stress. We offer a tiered pricing setup for our student, graduate, and professional massage therapists. This is so that you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Student Massage

• $25.00 / 50 min
• $40.00 / 80 min
• $50.00 / 110 min

Graduate Massage

• $35.00 / 50 min
• $50.00 / 80 min
• $70.00 / 110 min


Our goal is to ensure that our students are able to practice their skills while providing a valuable service to members of our community. If you are interested in scheduling a session with our skilled massage therapists, get in touch with our team today.